At St Hilda’s we believe that religious education should provide a contemporary study of religion, preparing all children for later life. We promote respect, tolerance and understanding for the beliefs of all. Our curriculum encourages children to continuously ask questions and seek answers, embedding understanding and providing varied learning opportunities along their journey through school.

We believe that Religious Education gives children the opportunity to consider challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life. It develops pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity amongst other religion and religious traditions. RE enables pupils to build their sense of identity and belonging, which helps them flourish within their communities and as citizens in a diverse society. It teaches pupils to develop respect for others, including people with different faiths and beliefs and helps to challenge prejudice. RE prompts pupils to consider their responsibilities to themselves, to others and to the world around and to explore how they might contribute to their communities and to the wider society. It encourages empathy, generosity and compassion.



Autumn Spring Summer


EYFS I am Special 


EYFS Christmas

EYFS Special People


EYFS Stories Jesus Told


EYFS Easter



EYFS Stories Jesus Heard 


EYFS Special Places


EYFS Prayer


EYFS Friendship

Cycle A
KS1 1.1 Harvest. How can we help those who do not have a good harvest? (Including Jewish Sukkot)


UC 1.1 What do Christians believe God is like? 


1.3 Christmas. Why do we give and receive gifts?  (Include festivals in other faiths that have gift giving – Eid)

1.4 Jesus was special



1.5 Easter. Celebrating new life and new beginnings

1.9 My world Jesus world


1.7 Why is baptism special?

(How do people of other faiths welcome new babies)


LKS2 3.6 Harvest (Include Sukkot)


3.1 Called by God


3.2 Christmas. God with us

3.3 Jesus the man who changed lives


4.4 Exploring Easter as a story of betrayal and trust.  (What do other faiths say about forgiveness?)

3.5 Which rules should we follow?

(Other faiths link)


UC 2A.1 What do Christians learn from the creation story?

UKS2 6.1 Life as a journey and pilgrimage.



6.2 How do Christians prepare for Christmas?


6.3A Why is the Exodus such a significant event in Jewish and Christian history?

(Jewish festival of Passover)


5.3 Jesus the teacher


6.4 Easter. Who was Jesus? who is Jesus

6.6  Ideas about God

(What names do faiths other than Christianity give to God?)


UC 2B.2 Creation and Science, conflicting or complimentary?



Cycle B

KS1 1.2 – God and creation


2.3 Jesus friend to everyone 


2.2 Christmas. Why was the birth of Jesus such good news?

2.1 The Bible. Why is it such a special book?  (Do people of other faiths have holy books


2.4 Easter. How do Symbols help us understand the story?  signs and symbols

2.6 What happened at the Ascension and Pentecost?


2.5 Why is the church a special place for Christians? Where do people of others

faiths worship?

LKS2 4.1 God David and the Psalms


4.2 Christmas. Exploring the symbolism of light. (Hannukah/Diwali)



4.3 Jesus Son of God (Shabbat )


3.4 Exploring the sadness and Joy of Easter.



4.5 Are all churches the same?

Are all places of worship the same? Do people worship God in the same way?


4.6 What is prayer?

How do people from other faiths pray?

UKS2 5.1 How and why do Christians read the Bible? (How important are holy

books in other faiths?)


5.2 Christmas. The gospels of Matthew and Luke. 

6.7 People of faith (Hinduism)


5.4 Why do Christians believe that Easter is a celebration of victory?  


5.9 Pentecost, what happened next?


5.5 Exploring the lives of significant women in the Old Testament.

(Jewish festival of Purim)