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Reading Newsletters

To keep up to date on all of our reading challenges and fun, check out our half termly Reading Newsletters below.

Our School Library

In November 2023, we were able to open our new Library. We were so lucky to have it opened by a local poet, Ruth Awolola. We open up after school twice a week to families, so they can come and borrow and return books easily.

See our School Library Newsletter above.

Reading at 3pm

Every class reads at 3pm, with the lights off and a lovely warm fireplace on! Children in EYFS and KS1 have extra copies of these books, which we call our “Spine Books”, which a few lucky children get to take home each night to show people at home the diverse range of books they’ve been reading in school.

Library Leaders

Every year, we appoint two Library Leaders from each class. Part of their role is to help curate their own class’s book corners, oversee the recommended reads section of the school library, and help organise upcoming reading events such as World Book Day.

Reading Newsletter

Every term, we send out a Reading Newsletter to families so that they are aware of new literature, what we are doing in school to promote reading, and have some recommendations from our students. See the latest ones below:

See our Reading Newsletters above.

Strive 4 5

Every week, children are encouraged to read 5 times for at least 10 minutes. Write this down in your reading diaries and get this signed off by an adult. Then you can go in the prize draw for a brand-new book as well as some other book-related prizes! Each class has a child pulled out every week!

Secret Reader

In Nursery and Reception, we invite family members to come and be our “Secret Reader” at the end of the day. The children are so surprised when they see who it is coming to read them a new story!

KS2 Reading

In KS2, we follow the Bug Club Comprehension Scheme. It uses a powerful and proven talk-based, mastery approach to help children develop a deeper understanding of texts. It follows a structured teaching cycle, with meaningful activities every day to support an in-depth and consistent focus on comprehension, that centres around meaningful and rich discussion. Texts are varied in genre and style, and some are studied for one week while others are studied over a period of up to five weeks. Children are exposed to and engaged by a wide variety of genres such as poems, historical fiction, stories with humour and non-fiction articles.

Continuing to develop fluency in KS2: Our 3 Reading Strategies

We want all children to continue to develop their fluency and expression when reading aloud. Therefore, as well as continuing our “Voice Choice” work from Read Write Inc, KS2 also have 3 strategies they use to read texts aloud:


We are proud to work with a charity called Intergen which facilitates retired people from our local community coming into school to read with the children. They form great relationships and allow children to be heard reading regularly.

World Book Day 
World Book Day is a huge celebration at St. Hilda’s. Children dress up, decorate the school, and (most importantly!) read some fantastic books in both our school library and as a class
Last years theme was bedtime stories:
This years theme is Read Your Way: